We Utilize Non Invasive Red Light Therapy and Ultrasonic Cavitation for Fat Reduction

The Phenomenal Benefit of Red Light Therapy on Fat Cells

Did you know that red light therapy provides an extensive assortment of unique health benefits, from reducing inflammation and the effects of oxidative stress to promoting the body’s natural healing capability? Wondering  what does red light therapy do to fat cells to increase fat reduction?

In addition to boosting your cells with increased ATP production, red light therapy also influences adipocytes, or the cells that store fat. Studies, published in Obesity Surgery, show that exposure to red light therapy induces the adipocytes to release triglycerides, resulting in reduced volume and a measurable loss of fat. Participants in this 4-week study experienced a 2.15 cm loss in waist girth.
But the loss of triglycerides is not the only benefit red light therapy contributes to patients seeking to lose weight and enhance body contour.