Hair Boost Liver Cleanser is an all-natural supplement that works to cleanse the liver, restore healthy blood sugar levels, and increase energy so that your body can stay healthy. The main function of the liver is to digest fats, carry away waste, and filter the blood in your body. It is responsible for balancing and creating nutrients that will help the rest of your body to function easier. Studies show high fat, sugar, grains, and dairy consumption increases the DHT in the scalp triggering inflammation or fibrosis which causes hair loss. When consuming these products, it causes a rapid increase in blood sugars producing insulin and androgen hormones which damage hair follicles making them less efficient at absorbing nutrients and leading to poor growth. After taking this supplement users report seeing decreased grayness/thinning within 4 weeks then increased thickness within 3 months using this product daily as directed. Hair Boost Liver Cleanser will help break down over-consumed fats, sugars, and grains causing them to leave your body instead of clogging up your system allowing for proper elimination allowing for optimal hair growth!

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